Flash, 2011, consists of 2 looped video projections on a cylindrical screen, 8:45 minutes and stereo audio, 11:31 minutes. Initially designed for the Chapel Gallery in North Battleford, it features a walk-in frog pond, made with two projections on a cylindrical screen in the apse of the chapel.




Flash Documentation from Terry Billings on Vimeo.

The Language of the Birds

Language of the Birds from Terry Billings on Vimeo.

Audio by Terry Billings and Louise Barak
The language of the birds: Hello / I see you / Goodbye / I take you with me

Stereo 5:24

Thanks to the following for lending their voices to the project: Linda Duvall, Shirley Spidla, Three Ravens and a Meadowlark

Originally released on Revolutions 2000 a commissioned compilation Audio CD of Saskatchewan Sound works produced by Steve Heimbecker (Qube Assemblage Audio) and Video Vérité June 29, 2000

The video was produced by Terry Billings and Louise Barak for Active Ground // Le fin fond, curated by Gail Bourgeois, Ottawa City Hall Gallery, Ottawa, ON. (2004) and was also featured in MPB Curates 2007, Calgary, Drumheller, Edmonton, AB (2007)