Reader, Digital Video, Black and White, No Audio, 6:52 Minute looped projection

“Both Lewis and Billings strive for this same secret and psychological re-connection to a forgotten nature. These works are, on one level, about natural forms and organic growths invading and repossessing the gallery space and our psychological spaces. Just as the root ball grows and branches invade the quiet reader in Reader, the monumental presence of the tree is encouraged here to take back its place, and its importance, in human existence. The installation seems to be protesting the erasure of memory, by re-introducing trees and wasp’s nests into “corporate” or institutional spaces. It follows then that this erasure of memory reinforces our separation from the landscape. These works may trigger a philosophical rupture in the viewer and seek to influence a subtle shift of value systems that creates a space of resistance in the natural world to the corporate and contingent.”

Dermot Wilson “Installing Reflection” for the exhibition Psycho Organisms at the WKP Kennedy Art Gallery, North Bay, ON, 2009