Video Works

Chaos and Murder, 2010, Digital Video, Black and White, No Audio, 5:11 Minute loop

The video was produced by feeding a video of a crow flying through a Max/Jitter patch. The patch repeats the video and its negative image in numerous iterations which create chaotic patterns and an electronically produced group (murder) of crows. This creation of an electronic murder is a gesture in response to the mass culling of crows and mass die-offs due to West Nile Virus in various locales.


Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon (2010)


Elm Elegy, 2007, Digital Video, Colour, Stereo, 6:20 Minute Loop

Elm Elegy is a poetic look through a window-like matrix into the life of a neighbourhood tree.  Shifting values within the flow of time, including those of real estate are implicated by the fluctuating montage of images within the panes. A haunting audio composed of digitally altered bird song suggests the response of tree’s past inhabitants.


MPB Curates 2007, Calgary, Drumheller, Edmonton, AB (2007)

Psycho Organisms, WKP Kennedy Art Gallery, North Bay, ON (2009)

Flash, Chapel Gallery, North Battleford, SK (2011)