Audio Works

The Language of the Birds

Language of the Birds from Terry Billings on Vimeo.

Audio by Terry Billings and Louise Barak
The language of the birds: Hello / I see you / Goodbye / I take you with me

Stereo  5:24

Thanks to the following for lending their voices to the project: Linda Duvall, Shirley Spidla, Three Ravens and a Meadowlark

Originally released on Revolutions 2000 a commissioned compilation Audio CD of Saskatchewan Sound works produced by Steve Heimbecker (Qube Assemblage Audio) and Video Vérité June 29, 2000

The video was produced by Terry Billings and Louise Barak for Active Ground // Le fin fond, curated by Gail Bourgeois, Ottawa City Hall Gallery, Ottawa, ON. (2004) and was also featured in MPB Curates 2007, Calgary, Drumheller, Edmonton, AB (2007)

Love Songs for Hermits

Love Songs for Hermits from Terry Billings on Vimeo.

Love Songs for Hermits, (Stereo Audio, 3:41 Minutes) is composed from veery, hermit thrush and human voices.
This City is a Radio, curated by Jana Graham Paved Art and New Media, and CFCR 90.5 FM, Saskatoon, SK (2007)


Level Audio from Terry Billings on Vimeo.

Level, (2004, mono, 4:51 minutes) is composed from Sandhill Crane and Black-capped Chickadee voices. The work reintroduced these sounds into an urban environment where they mixed with sounds of downtown. EXHIBITION: Spectre, Bayside Shopping Centre, curated by Dan Ring and Alexandra Badzak, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK (2004)

minibloc Workshop Collaboration

minibloc workshop collaboration from Terry Billings on Vimeo.

“Within the context of Montreal’s thriving audio-art scene their (minibloc’s) project has involved becoming a hub for all manner of activity. In this light, minibloc were the ideal candidates to undertake a residency that incorporated a series of four audio workshops and culminated in a live performance during the 2012 Sounds Like festival. Terry Billings, Joel Carignan, Constantine Karsiris, Dallas Kruszelnicki, Tanjalee Kuhl, and Jon Vaughn were selected from an open call to participate in this collaborative experiment. These artists, whose experience in sound art ranged from emerging to established, also brought a wide spectrum of aesthetic sensibilities to the table. Together, with minibloc setting the pace, they engaged each other in workshops, jams and performances, always in the spirit  of pushing boundaries and discovering something new.” David LaRiviere